How to stop the spread of Oak Wilt disease!

  • Prevent overland spread by not wounding or pruning Oak trees, April 1 to July 15.
  • The best time to prune Oak trees is from November through March.
  • Accidental wounds should be immediately painted with a tree wound dressing from April through October.
  • Once Oak Wilt is established in an area, control is necessary. Stop the spread to nearby Oaks by severing root connections (see photo) between Oak Wilt infected and healthy Oak trees.
  • After the diseased tree is removed, treat the stump with an herbicide to kill the infected roots.
  • After July 15th split the wood immediately after the trees have died and allow the wood to thoroughly dry out in the heat of summer.
  • Chipping, burning, or completely covering the diseased wood and sealing it at ground level, by April 1st of the spring after they have died, will prevent the spread by beetles.
severed root connection

Severing Root Connections

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