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Sherburne and Anoka County residents:

If you are thinking about hiring a tree service to trim or remove trees in the Sherburne or Anoka County area you should be aware of the risk of spreading Oak Wilt disease to your trees or your neighbor’s trees. Oak Wilt exists from Minnesota to Texas, but one of the worst areas of Oak Wilt is right here in Sherburne and Anoka Counties, where the sandy loam topsoil allows the Oak tree roots to easily intertwine and graft together.

Oak Wilt is a very aggressive tree disease that is transmitted to heathy trees through overland infection (by wounds or pruning) and then quickly spread underground through the grafted roots of infected trees. Once infected, Red Oaks (Pin Oaks) will die from the top down in about 2 weeks; White Oaks (Bur Oaks) may get infected too, but can take several years to die. Make sure you hire a tree service that knows how to avoid infecting or spreading Oak Wilt on your property and through your neighborhood.

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